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Are the New York Giants on the rise or Are they on their way back home yet again?

Can another disappointing season can be coming for the New York Giants this year?

With all the complications that have occurred in the NFC East last year, it's no secret that all eyes are once again on that division now that every player who missed last season from all four teams have returned.

But with all of that being said, how do the Giants stack up against their division rivals?

The Giants are coming off another disappointing season for the sixth time in ten years and fans are looking for the team to get back to the Giants they once loved and embraced.

These past six seasons, the team looked as if they are having a identity crisis on both offense and defense. From the offensive and defensive line to the receiving core and special teams, the Giants struggled to get balanced on either side of the ball.

Last year, averaging only 17.5 points per game while giving 22.3 points (ESPN) is not good for a team who was once the face of their division.

What I expect is the Giants to once again have another losing season due to a rough start that will be coming to the team from the beginning to the end of the season.

Looking at their opponents for the first seven games, I can only see them winning two of these seven games, at most, due to the advantages the opposing have over them from the QB to CB.

Having to play the Broncos, Washington FT, Falcons, Saints, Cowboys, LA Rams, and the Panthers, the probability of the Giants winning all of those are real low due too many holes needing to be filled on both sides of the ball.

Then they will have travel to play Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Chicago, Miami, and LA Chargers, which I don't see them beating either. Along with that, they will split a series with the Philadelphia Eagles.

That will be 8-9 losses that can most likely occur in the regular season, especially if these opposing teams stay healthy.

Wins: Washington (1x), Dallas (1x), Philadelphia (1x), Raiders, Falcons, Panthers

Losses: Washington (1x), Dallas (1x), Philadelphia (1x), Broncos, Saints, LA Rams, LA Chargers, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Chicago, Miami.

Projected Record: 6-11

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