Photo Credit: Nithin Ramachandra

Camden City Youth Sports Association Golf Outing

Bill Wallace, the founder of Camden City Youth Sports Association, and Mel Hannah worked at the Ron Jaworski Valley Brook Country Club Golf Course for the CCYSA "Golfing for a Purpose" event to raise money for all kids.  CCYSA is an organization that raises money and awareness to start nontraditional sports programs that are more traditional in other school districts like swimming, lacrosse, wrestling and field hockey. It also provides awareness to start clubs like chess and art.

Hannah and Sarina Diabanca are on the board of directors for the CCYSA, and they were integral parts of the event running smoothly. A lot of people were there to support as a lot of people were out playing golf, including Kia Lyons. The weather was fantastic throughout the day and the staff people that work at the place were amazing.

Former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski was able to come back to the golf course after getting in late from Philadelphia covering the Eagles game. Jersey Sporting News got to do an interview with Jaworski, as he talked about his Valleys Brook Golf Course.

"Well, we been here now, let's see, if my math is correct 22 years at Valley Brook Country Club and it's a great place," Jaworski said. " [We] have a great team that operates day to day basis, so many good things. Jaws you played with is my foundation, raised over 6 million dollars for the kids in the community, lot of things we do is events like this."

He also talked about the work the people who ran the event did throughout the day.

"They are great," Jaworski said about the people running the event. "Raising money for kids in Camden, try to build swimming pools, tennis courts and whatever it takes. Last week, we finished a project in Camden with football/baseball fields, just trying to help people in any way we can."

Jaworski also talked about his favorite moment as a Philadelphia Eagle.

"Beating the Dallas cowboys in the NFC championship game," Jaworski said. "They were our archrivals, to beat them and go into the Super Bowl was probably one of the biggest wins that I remember."

They were able to give Jersey Sporting News the results from the golf outing and here they are. Also, raffle tickets were being handed out to people, winning prizes and sending money to the kids.

First Place Team (1A) Fred Baxter, Guy Rozier, Mike Rozier, Paul Miles 59(-13)

Second Place Team (6A) Bill Morgan, Robert Jones, Bill Murray, Mel Garris 61(-11)

Longest Drive- Hole 1 Bill Murray

Closet To the Pin- Hole 12 Dave Luthman 6'6"

All the golfers got trophies after they announced results. The trophies were gold, and it was a nice thing they did for them. Ron Jaworski Valley Brook Golf Course is an awesome place, was packed during the summertime and is a fantastic place to host a lot of events.



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