ACE Gymnasts Leave the USAIGC World Championships with 8 Gold Medals

Aug 14, 2018 | Editorials, Ocean Township

It was an amazing year for ACE Gymnastics in Ocean Township, as our USAIGC Teams brought home eight gold medals in July from the USAIGC World Championships in Orlando. Competing against three other countries with gymnasts of the same level – South Africa, Canada, and the United Kingdom – ACE's teams were stellar!

Gymnasts competed on all four major events –  Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise – on the first day for the All  Around Championships.  Then, if in the top 33%, competed the same events on the second day for the Individual Event Championships.

 ACE Gymnastics champions included: Copper Team members Briana Pugielli on the Uneven Bars, and three outstanding gold medal performances by Brooke Schneider on Balance Beam, Floor Exercise and All-Around. Bronze Diamond Team member Ariana Cariddo took home the gold on Balance Beam and Floor Exercise, while ACE gymnast Summer Sesty was named 2018 Gymnast of the Year by USAIGC President Paul Spadaro. Two Gold Team members had much success as well, with Nia Akins bringing home a gold medal on Floor Exercise and Carly Solomon on Uneven Bars.

The ACE Gymnastics staff could not be more proud and excited for the success of their gymnasts and all their hard work. Head coach Leah Cariddo is looking forward to another exciting competitive season as they begin their plans to compete against our friends at Chiltern Gymnastics in the UK in mid-April 2019. 

ACE Gymnastic classes will begin Sept. 4 for boys and girls of all ages and levels. We specialize in safety, cleanliness, and the overall gymnastics experience. We are a teaching facility where every child matters. We pride ourselves in educating our young athletes in the sport of gymnastics and helping them to achieve their very best!

ACE Gymnastics will be opening their second location in Howell on Sept. 4

BIGGER, BOLDER, BETTER!!! Watch for us!

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