GIRLS BASKETBALL: Postseason Highlights Abound By Alan Brehme, Toms River South, JSN Intern

Mar 26, 2019 | Basketball, Girls

GIRLS BASKETBALL: Postseason Highlights Abound

By Alan Brehme, Toms River South, JSN Intern
With the season just completed, here’s a look at how some of the Shore Conference’s best girls teams fared through the tournaments.
Marlboro (23-8 overall, 11-1 A North)
What an amazing season for the Marlboro Mustangs. These girls knew they had to come into this season with heart and passion for the sport with the addition of knowing this was a grind. One thing that was in mind for every girl though was to hold up that trophy at the end of the season, but they came up short, losing to Middletown South, 80-77, in the Central Jersey Group 4 finals. The seniors on the team include Theresa Besso (187 points, 88 rebounds, 25 assists, 34 steals) and Gisella Romeo (446 points, 198 rebounds, 105 assists, 150 steals). Some other huge names on the team include sophomore Sammy Jay (372 points, 88 rebounds, 174 assists, 89 steals) and freshman Danielle Schlesinger (229 points, 149 rebounds, 41 assists, 75 steals).
Toms River East (20-8 overall, 11-3 A South)
The Toms River East Raiders came into the season with four seniors, three juniors, two sophomores and four freshmen. Playing tough all year, they lost to Ocean City, 46-41, in a hotly contested South Jersey Group 3 semifinal game. Players on the team include seniors Adriana Hart (195 points, 103 rebounds, 37 assists, 78 steals), Jenna Lozzi and Kamryn Lister (368 points, 204 rebounds, 71 assists, 68 steals), who reached the 1,000th career-point plateau.  Another producer was junior Jordyn Madigan (307 points, 99 rebounds, 67 assists, 105 steals). 
Trinity Hall (17-9 overall, 13-1 B Central)
The Trinity Hall Monarchs had a very successful season, ending with a 17-9 record. The team had only two seniors on the team – Colleen Cusat (260 points, 49 rebounds, 58 assists, 69 steals) and Grace Kenney (31 points, 36 rebounds, 15 assists, six steals). Key players were junior Caitlin Wingertzahn (291 points, 211 rebounds, 21 assists, 21 steals) and sophomore Emma Bradley (86 points, 102 rebounds, 14 assists, 17 steals). The Monarchs lost in the South Jersey non-Public B tournament to Roselle Catholic, 46-37. 
Toms River North (21-7 overall, 13-1 A South)
Toms River North continued their legacy of sports excellence by winning A South. The Mariners came short of bringing another trophy home, losing to Lenape, 55-45, in the in the South Jersey Group 4 semifinals. The seniors on the team include Brielle Bisogno (446 points, 129 rebounds, 131 assists, 88 steals), Jenna Paul (629 points, 269 rebounds, 60 assists, 46 steals) and Hailey Wicks. A huge surprise this year for North was freshman Sydney Howell (153 points, 58 rebounds, 41 assists, 29 steals). 
Saint John Vianney (23-4 overall, 14-0 B North)
SJV wrapped up this season with an amazing 23 wins. The seniors on the team include Brelynn Bellamy (235 points, 105 rebounds, 48 assists, 62 steals), Sajada Bonner (362 points, 97 rebounds, 24 assists, 38 steals), Rahmena Henderson (173 points, 90 rebounds, 36 assists, 66 steals), Sarah Karpell (199 points, 39 rebounds, 66 assists, 44 steals) and Natalya Spinks (25 points, 17 rebounds, 5 assists, 10 steals). Saint John Vianney made it to the Non-Public South A final, but fell to powerhouse St. Rose, 61-54. 
Colts Neck (23-4 overall, 11-3 B North)
Colts Neck finished in second place in the division. The team went very deep into states, but fell to Westampton Tech, 55-44, in the Central Jersey Group 3 final. Colts Neck’s senior class includes Haylee Baker, Jenna Filingeri, Catherine Gibson (170 points, 127 rebounds, 37 assists, 27 steals), Eva Gibson (244 points, 217 rebounds, 40 assists, 50 steals) and Teresa Marsh (97 points, 77 rebounds, 45 assists and 25 steals). 
Manasquan (22-7 overall, 12-2 A Central)
The Big Blue Warriors had one goal in mind; they wanted to hold up that trophy at the end of the season. However, Manchester Township had something to say about that, defeating Manasquan, 64-48, in the Group 2 semifinals. The senior class includes Annie Maki (100 points, 43 rebounds, 53 assists, 41 steals), Faith Masonius (570 points, 322 rebounds, 112 assists, 73 steals) and Lola Mullaney (554 points, 117 rebounds, 49 assists, 58 steals). 
Rumson-Fair Haven (19-11 overall, 8-6 A Central)
Despite coming in fourth place in their division, RFH was still a force to reckon with in the finals, coming in behind St. Rose, Manasquan and Red Bank Catholic. They came into the season with only two seniors on the roster –Elizabeth Kelly (24 points, 29 rebounds, 8 assists, 9 steals) and Maggie Ryan (31 points, 19 rebounds, 4 assists, 12 steals).  
Middletown South (24-6 overall, 10-2 A North)
What a season for the Eagles. Despite finishing in second place in the division, one game behind Marlboro, the Eagles exacted revenge in their 80-77 overtime win over the Mustangs in the Central Jersey Group 4 championship. A huge part of the team was a talented senior group which includes Isla Brennan (289 points, 197 rebounds, 95 assists, 63 steals), Samantha Keenan (153 points, 112 rebounds, 49 assists, 17 steals), Emily McCarthy (80 points, 50 rebounds, 7 assists, 32 steals), Eva Pirie (200 points, 154 rebounds, 33 assists, 33 steals), Aleeah Randazzo and Madison Szabo (45 points, 39 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals). Their season ended with a 51-47 loss to Lenape in the Group 4 finals.
Red Bank Regional (20-9 overall, 9-5 B North)
RBR tied Middletown North for third place in the division behind Saint John Vianney and Colts Neck. Seniors on the team include Brylin Barnes, Mia Conti and Meghan Murray. Their season ended with a loss to Colts Neck, 43-34.