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Elizabeth Native Oliver Marmol Has Cardinals in Contention

Elizabeth, New Jersey native and former player Oliver Marmol is living out his dream as a manager with one of the most historic franchises in baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals. He's the youngest manager in the league at 36 years old and is already making a big impact as manager this season as the team sits at 57-48 fighting for a playoff spot. Marmol has them playing great baseball right now with a five-game winning streak behind great defense and pitching.

St Louis Cardinals players love playing for Marmol as he brings a different style for them. They play loose, team baseball with fun clubhouse who enjoy going to the ballpark. Some of the players on the current roster are older than him like Albert Pujols, Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright. Having players like them helps in a big way for Marmol to manage Albert Pujol's last season this year is extra special. This team has a mix of young and veteran players that mesh well.

No one expected the Cardinals to be where they are at right now at 57-48 and a chance to make the playoffs. If Marmol can lead to this team to the playoffs with the new format, it will be a success story for him and the St Louis Cardinals. The younger players can relate to Marmol easier since he is young, but it is also important to build that relationship between coach and player. It is also important to have a player's manager that can adjust the game easy to them and have a great career.

Marmol and the players feeds off the passionate fan base that the St. Louis Cardinals have at every game. The crowd helps them get pumped up, stay ready and focused. The fans stay engaged every pitch, moment and waiting to see what happens. This weekend they are playing the Yankees at home which they won 4-3 yesterday. All the games are sold out this weekend and will feel like a playoff like atmosphere.

Manager Marmol said before yesterday's game this will be a big test for them facing one of the best teams to see where they are at. Another reason why he is having a great season with the Cardinals this year is the strong coaching staff around him that has a game plan ready. Marmol is inspiring the younger generation this season that want to be managers in the future also. If Marmol can do it, then anybody can get to their goal if they work hard at it.

Marmol brings the youth, different style of managing, loose clubhouse, a welcoming environment, family oriented, connecting with people and players wanting to play for him to the St. Louis Cardinals.  This season so far, he has a deep roster that he can work with, putting the pressure on teams they play. The Cardinals can win in multiple ways with players that are all in about winning, trying to do something special with this team and continuing to build on their success so far this year.

Manager Oliver Marmol Bringing the Swag to St. Louis Cardinals



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