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Will the Giants Surprise or Disappoint in 2022?

How do you feel about surprises? I generally am not one who enjoys surprises all that much and I think it stems from the time my parents tried to throw me a surprise Sweet 16 Party and, in an effort to keep it a secret, my friends just decided that not talking to me at all was the best way to go about it.

I, being 15 years old at the time and having no idea what was going on, went from having a bunch of friends to seemingly none overnight. It was confusing, somewhat traumatizing and it’s exactly the thing that made me hate surprises from that day forward. In case you are wondering, the party was great and all was eventually right in my world again. 

Lately though, if there is one thing I can rely on, it’s the fact that the New York Giants season is usually over by Halloween - so no surprise there. Having your season end before we even get out of October is incredibly depressing for a fan base, so I have to wonder if this season will be any different. Will the Giants surprises everyone around the NFL or are we in for more of the same this season? 

Why The Giants Will Surprise 

It’s Us Against The World 

I swear, half the battle in life is mindset, and you truly do become your thoughts and actions. “If you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” Thank you Henry Ford for that timeless quote that resonates with so many of us.

Since no one expects the Giants to do much of anything this season I am sure the underdog mindset will be alive and well in the locker room. That’s the beauty about underdogs, you get to watch what they do when no one gives them a chance and most of the time they succeed.

I especially love when the Giants take on the underdog mentality because that’s when championships are won. I am by no means saying the 2022 team will win a championship but what I am saying is that believing in yourself, your teammates and your coach can take you pretty far sometimes. 

Big Expectations for The Big Guy 

To say I was elated when the Giants drafted Kayvon Thibodeaux and Evan Neal is an understatement. The Giants finally got it right and had a stellar draft this April and all eyes are on the big guy Evan Neal. The fact that the Giants actually have a legitimate right tackle is a dream come true for this team and this fan base.

The Giants have been trying to fix their offensive line for almost 10 years now and I know because I watch every single painful snap of this team, but that all changes this year with Evan Neal at right tackle and Andrew Thomas at left tackle.

Last year, I said this team should burn it all to the ground and build around Andrew Thomas and some people called that a hot take, but it doesn’t seem to be too far off from what the Giants are doing.

Solidifying this offensive line will allow Saquon Barkley to have the bounce back year we all hoped he would have last season and as we all know a solid run game takes pressure off the quarterback, keeps the defensive line honest and well you know the rest. 

Wan’Dale Robinson 

Go ahead, call this pick a reach because I think I did too, but the Giants drafted him for a reason and they are about to unleash this kid and all of his talent. Yes, the Giants have a seemingly endless number of wide receivers on the roster, but they don’t all have the talent that Robinson has. Throughout minicamp it has become clear that Daniel Jones and Wan’Dale have developed some nice chemistry and that’s one of the biggest keys to offensive success. Wan’Dale Robinson's toughness and ability to create space on the field will help this offense tremendously.  

Why The Giants Will Disappoint 


The Giants secondary was a huge weakness for them last season and it’s still a glaring problem today. I understand the Giants had to trade James Bradberry but what I don’t understand is why he had to go to the Eagles?

None the less, Bradberry’s departure has left this secondary looking weak with Adoree Jackson as the only proven corner. Even then, Jackson can’t be counted on as he has an injury list longer than a CVS receipt.

The Giants used to be deep at the safety position as well, but with Logan Ryan and Jabrill Peppers gone, its looking like tough times ahead for this secondary unless the young talent can step up. 

Saquon Barkley

I remember the day Saquon Barkley tore his ACL like it was yesterday. I remember it so well because I think a little piece of my heart broke that day, just like the day Eli Manning retired.

Saquon is a rare talent when healthy and the best part about watching him is that all it takes is one juke move and he’s taking it to the house for a touchdown. I sincerely hope he can get back to the player he was and with some help of this re-vamped offensive line that just may be a possibility.

I have to be realistic though and assume Saquon getting back to form may take a little longer than we all thought. The run game depends on him, and I have spent a good chunk of this article explaining just how important the run game is, so if the Giants can’t get anything going on the ground it’s bad news bears. 

Daniel Jones 

That’s it. That’s the tweet. Can I just leave it at that?

I am not sure how much explanation this really needs, because it’s safe to say no one has a bigger make-or-break season ahead of them than Daniel Jones. The Giants did not pick up his 5-year option, which tells us all we need to know on where they stand with their quarterback.

That’s another day I remember like it was yesterday; the day the Giants drafted Daniel Jones. I remember it so vividly because I was at a work event desperately trying to leave and make it back home in time for the draft. I remember pulling into my driveway just in the nick of time, running in the door, scrambling to find the remote and finally turning the TV on. The Giants were on the clock, and I stood in my living room just watching and hoping they got this pick right.

I remember when they said Daniel Jones’s name and I remember feeling perplexed, dumbfounded and straight up disappointed. Here we are a few years later and I still feel perplexed, dumbfounded and straight up disappointed. 

So Will The Giants Surprise? 

Yes, but I guess that depends on your expectations and definition of surprise. Will they win the Superbowl? No. Will they even sniff the playoffs? Doubtful. Will they make great strides in moving this team forward? Yes!

Just like the Jets, the Giants finished last season with four wins and I know a lot of fans don’t want to hear this, but the two teams are more similar than you might think. The Giants have the more favorable schedule of the two and where I struggled to find four to six wins for the Jets, it’s a little easier to see where the Giants can pull out seven or eight wins this season. 

Realistic Win Prediction: 

Seven or eight wins: In a division that tends to get a little muddled with no clear-cut winner until much later in the season, the Giants have the potential to upset the NFC East.

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