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(Photo by Michael Franco - JSN)

How High School Sports Has Grown In New Jersey

Anyone else see just how much high school sports has grown over the years in New Jersey with a lot of amazing young talent? 

New Jersey is one of the states you can say that it has produced a lot of pro players like JR Smith, Todd Frazier, Mike Trout and many others. Nowadays, scouts can find talent anywhere with social media, and recruiting is much easier. Back in the day, they had to do it old school and in a different way when it comes to finding talent in each county. High school sports has always been competitive, but in my opinion, now it's getting a lot of attention with expanded technology.

Some people don't dive deep into the talent pool as others might. You can always find talented athletes from a small town, county, or inspiring backgrounds to help your team. The growth of high school sports in New Jersey has been amazing to see, especially women's sports. A lot of opportunities for young women to play sports that they didn't get a chance to back in the day during there parents generation. It's getting a lot of coverage now come playoff time with media in New Jersey and the major markets. Additionally, working with a high school media outlet is a great way to start your broadcasting, journalism career.

Another reason to view this growth is the opportunity to learn the young athletes backgrounds, inspiring families, what they like, hobbies, who they look up to as role models and other important situations. High school sports deserve media attention, these kids work hard everyday.

New Jersey is the best state when it comes to overall talent in my opinion.

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