Jackson Memorial’s Rachel Goodale Notches 300th Career Win By Eric Braun

Jackson Memorial’s Rachel Goodale Notches 300th Career Win

By Eric Braun

 JACKSON – There are coaches that come in and out of players’ lives and then there are great coaches who become parental figures, friends, as well athletic coaches. Rachel Goodale is one of those coaches that select players are lucky enough to be around. 

 Winning 300 games at one school over 19 seasons is a major accomplishment, but for Goodale, the success of her current and past players on and off the court is also important to her.  You can tell by some of the comments below that were on social media after Jackson Memorial beat Mater Dei Prep for her 300th win, that Goodale is more than just a coach.

 Jennifer Burke Stanberry… She’s the best!! All of the players through the years have been so lucky to have such a hardworking and caring coach on their side!

 Elaine Barrio… What an achievement, Rachel. You are the true example of what a coach should be. Congratulations.

 Lara Lewis May… You are the woman! So proud of all your accomplishments with the team you love. The fam has a lot to celebrate! Whooooooo!

 Tanya Lavan… Congrats you were the best coach!!! You deserve only the best!

 Kelly Larson Nieduzak… Congrats!! You are an inspiration to your players and your dedication is unmatched... it was a privilege to be able to coach with you!

 Karen Kerchman Goodale… To say I’m so proud of you Rachel Goodale is an understatement! You are an amazing coach, teacher, mother, and of course, daughter! The time and effort you put into your endeavors is unmeasurable! The value of your time is shown by the student athletes that you have touched in so many ways! We always say it not just the X’s and 0’s... but it’s the character you build in these young women! It’s a tribute to see the outpouring of respect and love these girls and their parents have for you! Congratulations on this milestone! 300 wins!. As I said, to say I’m so proud, is truly an understatement. Love you!

Joe Pienkowski… Congratulations Rachel Goodale on achieving your 300 win today!! What an accomplishment, and all at the same school!! You are a colleague, but more importantly a friend, and I could not be happier for you!!

Stephanie Gachineiro… To say that I am proud of you would be an understatement. This milestone, 300 wins, is all blood, sweat and tears! Your dedication, passion and love for the game is who you are to your core! These girls and every Lady Jag from previous years that helped you achieve this milestone thank you! You are such an inspirational role model to our girls.

Jenn Biele… Congratulations! What an accomplishment. You are an inspiration on and off the court!

Angel Birchard Vaccarella… I am blessed that in a round about way a small dance class led my daughter to have you as her first coach. Even though Carol doesn't get to come to the camps as often as I would like when she does she LOVES it and is starting to love the game. You are an amazing Coach! Congrats on your 300.

From the Jersey Sporting News staff, congratulations coach Rachel Goodale on an incredible 19 years at the helm of Jackson Memorial and looking forward to many more wins and years ahead!

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