John Wolyniec steps down as Red Bulls 2 head coach

As the New York Red Bulls have had Head Coaches come and gone either on their own conscious or of course the club will take care of the situation themselves. But when a Head Coach had a successful run leading players to victory, it is a sad day when you must say goodbye. That day has finally come as John Wolyniec will step down as the Head Coach of Red Bulls 2 in the USL Championship.

“I want to say thank you to the fans and club for all their support throughout the years, as a player and coach,” said John Wolyniec. “My goal was to always put this club in the best position, most importantly by creating an environment that fostered relationships with our staff and especially with our young players where we could all grow professionally and achieve the success we all chased. Now, I have a chance for myself to grow professionally and find that next opportunity that will help my coaching career.”

Wolyniec was a forward who had the heart and determination to go on the field as a player and willed himself to score a big goal whenever he had the chance to do so. He has scored big-time goals to either save a point or earn the full three points. He began his career back in 1999 splitting time with the Long Island Rough Riders and the club when it was known as the MetroStars. He bounced around MLS & USL till he returned for a spell from 2003 till 2005,  Then came back for the final time from 2006 thru 2010, till he retired and went into coaching with the Red Bulls.

New York Red Bulls two began in 2015 with John Wolyniec in charge of the team and managed many academy prospects who moved on to the top club like Tyler Adams, Derrick Etienne Jr., Sean Davis, Florian Valot, and had some journeymen players or had some of the MLS players do a rehab stint like Damien Perrinelle or Ryan Meara become the starting goalkeeper in the entire 2016 season which gave the club their first USL Championship in year two.

In the eleven years, he was Head Coach of the club, he has a record of 88 wins, 75 losses, and 43 draws. Has developed many young academy players and has sent them to the main roster of Jesse Marsch, Chris Armas, and now Gerhard Struber, and his abilities have been nothing but exceptional.

“It was a pleasure to have been able to work with John these last two years,” said Head of Sport Kevin Thelwell. “He has done an exceptional job of not just transforming Red Bulls II, but elevating the expectations for the club. He is more than a soccer coach and the impact he has had on these young men throughout his time here will be a positive influence for the rest of their lives.
“He was an amazing colleague to our other coaches and staff, always willing to help wherever it is needed,” said Thelwell. “I wish him and his family the very best in their next chapter.”
It's sad that in the final season of the USL Championship for this club, before moving on to the MLS Pro next league that Wolyniec won't be here, but you can guess that he is ready to make the next move in his coaching career, there may be a club who would take a chance on him, as his record does speak for its self, but we shall wait and see what the future will bring him.
But sadly the era of playing and coaching from Woly Magic at the New York Red Bulls has come to a close, but you never know if somewhere down the road, he gets that phone call to come back home and runs the MLS club as he will always be a Metro Legend.
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