No. 6 Rutgers Field Hockey Falls To No. 1 Iowa

The Rutgers field hockey team opened up Big Ten play with a tremendous win against No. 3 Northwestern. Afterwards, the Scarlet Knights' ranking shifted from 10 to 6 according to the NFHCA records. With confidence, these women were feeling inspired as they prepared to face the rest of their challenging season.

The Scarlet Knights welcomed the Iowa Hawkeyes to their home on October 1 at the Bauer Track and Field Complex for some of the best competition the country has to offer. Both teams came out to the field and proved with their play, why they are consistently top ten in the country.

After 18 quiet minutes in the first quarter, Iowa was able to pick up to goals in a matter of seconds. Gritty play continued throughout the teams, but it was hard for either to create opportunities to get more points on the board as the players on both defensive ends were firing on all cylinders. At the 46 minute mark, senior, Kerrie Burns was able to step up and secure a goal to then see the score at 1-2. This was Burns' fourth goal of the season with the help from Liz Romano's assist.

Overall, Rutgers put up an unbelievable fight, especially when it came to fearlessly tapping into their offesive play by leading in shots with a total of 9 (5) when not may opportunities presented themselves. Another positive takeaway is that the Scarlet Knights had five penalty corners in the second half that were setting their team up for success, but the Hawkeyes were able to use their experience on defense to combat these attempts brilliantly.

The Haweyes were able to sustain their lead and edge out the Scarlet Knights, carrying on as the number 1 team in the country. Proudly, Rutgers was one of only three teams who were able to prevent Iowa from scoring more than two points or less in a game. With the tight score of 2-1 in the Hawkeye's favor, the Scarlet Knights had plenty of reason to hold their heads high.

Coming Soon For Rutgers Field Hockey

Up next, the Scarlet Knights will be competing against the Indiana Hoosiers on Sunday, October 3 at 11 a.m.

You can support Rutgers by coming out to the Bauer Track and Field Complex or tuning into Big Ten Plus.

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