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Gov. Murphy: Parents Allowed Back to Sporting Events Within Restrictions

During his daily covid-19 pandemic press conference on Friday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced a limited number of parents will be allowed to watch their children play indoor high school and youth sports again after months of being shut out. The new guidelines take effect immediately.

Two parents or guardians per athlete will be allowed inside to watch their child play. No other spectators will be permitted, including siblings.

“Youth sporting events may choose to allow up to two parents or guardians per athlete under the age of 21 to attend practices and competitions, as long as the attendance of those parents or guardians does not cause indoor events to exceed 35% of the room’s capacity or 150 people total,” Murphy said.

Parents Allowed Must Follow Guidelines

Spectators will be required to continue following social distancing guidelines including wearing of facial coverings.

While the new ruling goes into effect immediately, Murphy left it up to individual municipalities and schools to determine when to allow parents and guardians inside.

“This is something I have been wanting to do for our student-athletes and their biggest fans, and I urge everyone to take the proper precautions,” Murphy added. “I do not want to have to reverse course ... but should we see trouble spots, we will respond as needed.”

Parents and coaches across the state have petitioned for restrictions to be eased in recent weeks.

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