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Should the New York Giants Draft a QB This Year?

As the 2022 NFL free agency is now blowing the roof of the place, that only means one thing and one thing only, the 2022 NFL Draft is right around the corner.

The one question that remains is, should the New York Giants draft a quarterback this year in this upcoming draft?

And the answer to that question is yes, yes they should, and here is why!

The Giants have struggled to find themselves again since their last Super Bowl win in 2011 when they defeated the New England Patriots to win their second Super Bowl title in 20 years.

The organization has also struggled to find their next franchise quarterback since the retirement of two-time Super Bowl champion and two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback Eli Manning who was traded to the team after being selected by then the San Diego Chargers as the number one overall pick back in 2004.

There is no question, not even by Giants fans, that this team is  in need of their next franchise quarterback. By the looks of it, you cannot be sure that current starting quarterback Daniel Jones, who was selected in 2019 as the number six overall pick, is the answer for the team. To this point, Jones has career numbers of 45 touchdowns, 29 interceptions, and 8,398 passing yards with a 62.8 QBR.

In the last two seasons, Jones has 21 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. He is coming off his worst season, when he recorded 10 touchdowns, seven interceptions, and 2,428 passing yards with 41.5 QBR.

The team should give Jones another chance to prove himself, but they should also start investing in their future as soon as possible. It wouldn't hurt them to look at this year's NFL draft prospects such as Kenny Pickett (QB, Pittsburgh), Desmond Ridder (QB, Cincinnati), Matt Coral (QB, Ole Miss) or even Malik Willis (QB, Liberty).

You never will now the good that can come out of that if you're the Giants.

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