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(Photo by Michael Franco - JSN)

Toms River South girls soccer wins big matchup with Brick Memorial, control own destiny in conference race

Brick Memorial women's soccer dropped a tough 1-0 game against Toms River South on Wednesday. It was an intense and gritty matchup where Brick had so many chances to score but could not capitalize on the opportunities.

With this win for Toms River South, they control their own destiny in the race for the  A South division title, which would be their first since 2015. Brick Memorial was the favorite in this game, playing at home, but this shows anything can happen in sports at any given time.

Both teams tried to find their way in very wet conditions, with rain being a big factor. Brick Memorial loves to play up tempo but struggled to get anything going quickly. Toms River South recorded the only goal in the game, but they also struggled to but more shots on goal. Brick Memorial's defense did not allow them the opportunity to extend the lead.

In the contrary, Brick Memorial put plenty of shots on goal but could not score as Toms River South goalkeeper Delaine Wilkenson made some incredible saves among her total of 12 for the game.

Brick had a penalty kick opportunity and a chance to tie the game, however the shot missed wide right. Wilkenson was on her feet for Toms River the whole game, protecting the goal and giving confidence to rest of the defense. She had some amazing diving saves that could have been goals for Brick.

girls soccer, Toms River South

(Photo by Michael Franco - JSN)

Keira Mulvihill scored the only goal Wednesday for Toms River South as she made it 1-0 at the 9:00 mark in the first half. Toms River South never looked back after Mulvihill's score, sticking to the game plan and focusing on defense. For them to win the game on the road in a big matchup is always a confidence boost.

Brick Memorial believed the refs missed some calls in their favor, but they got called for offsides a few times. They were looking for that momentum swing with a game changer play but just could not find it. Toms River South's defense got to the spots quicker, did not give up on any plays. Brick's coach was intense on the sideline, making sure the players knew their assignments, where to be on the field and working faster as a team.

Toms River South - Control Own Destiny , Hoping to Become A South Champs

For the first time since 2015, Toms River South Girls Soccer control their own destiny in the battle for the A South division and the team will look to continue that confidence or motivation moving forward. They have a fantastic young team at Toms River South with a potential star at goalie. Winning on the road Wednesday against a very good Brick Memorial is extra special.

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