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Who's Has The Brighter Future In The Big Apple? The New York Giants or the New York Jets?

With both New York football teams falling below .500 this season and both organizations futures full of uncertainty, there have been questions to who should the big apple have more faith in coming into the 2022 NFL football season.

Should they have more faith in the New York Giants or the New York Jets? Both teams finished the 2021-22 season with 4-13 records.

Well this answer may surprise many due to the organizational success within the Giants franchise compared to the Jets within the last two decades, but the answer to the question should be the New York Jets and here's why.

Based off what happened this season, you can expect the Jets to have some quarterback competition within training camp this upcoming July to determine who's the starting quarterback is going to be in 2022 due to what you saw from fourth string quarterback Mike White during current quarterback's Zach Wilson's time away from the team.

With that being said, based off what was shown this year, both of the Jets quaterbacks can give Danny Dimes (Daniel Jones) a run for his money to be the "Quarterback of the Big Apple", along with that the Jets having the fifth most cap space in 2022 to sign key free agents who can fit their positions needs, starting with the offensive line and defensive line.

The Jets currently have $53,654,414 in cap space with at least two first round picks this year in the draft to fill position needs and build a team around these young quarterbacks, who will be rocking the team's starter for this upcoming year.

When you look at Giants, you have quarterback who is questionable, even when healthy, who's recovering from a season - ending neck injury, along with a running back who unfortunately as of late can't stay healthy enough to be productive for his team.

Along with that, the Giants have the fourth lowest cap space room in the league, being ranked at 28th in the league in front of the Dallas Cowboys (29th), Minnesota Vikings (30th), Green Bay Packers (31st), and the New Orleans Saints (32nd).

That's not a god sign for a team who are in need of almost everything and it's grandmother in order to compete with other teams, let alone win anything in soon to be stacked division such as the NFC East.

Don't look now, but don't be surprised if you see Jets progressed so well this year that it make their fans feel as if they won the Super Bowl. This team can be on the come up, sooner rather than later.